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The barista job is much more complicated and complex than it seems to customers. The coffee industry is growing, and so are the requirements for attendants. Restaurateurs are willing to pay barista a lot so that he performs a few tasks. Nowadays, baristas can make coffee, serve customers, and be responsible for the inventory of the coffee shop.

Despite the complexity, there are approximately ten candidates for each vacancy. If you are not familiar with the manager, only a barista resume will help to stand out from the crowd. It is unlikely that you will surprise a recruiter with your latte art or typical barista duties. To get a prestigious job, you must have experience in restaurant management and customer service. However, how to create a perfect barista resume?

We analyzed a summary of candidates who completed the interview. Thus, we identified critical barista resume skills and the proper structure of the barista resume. Take the paper and pen and make notes to get one step closer to the barista job.

Proper structure of the barista resume sample

A resume structure helps highlight your strong suits and omit the weaknesses. Firstly, you help the manager smoothly and consistently get acquainted with the information. Secondly, by choosing a suitable structure, you can boost a barista resume. We have compiled the main useful tips to help you create a resume structure from scratch.

Work Experience

If you have extensive experience, immediately indicate this in the barista resume sample. Remember that no skills will defeat work experience. However, if you have little to no working experience, start with the education section. However, you should find the relevant experience which is not documented. For example, you helped a friend in a coffee shop or organized a coffee festival at the university.

You should add some relevant experience to your cover letter. Write about your customer service skills. To put it another way, your barista resume should teem with your knowledge base about barista jobs.

Dos and don’ts in the experience section

The experience section is the first thing that hiring managers pay attention to. This can both strengthen your barista resume and ruin the impression. We prepared a list to explain what you should and what should not put to this section.

  • Indicate relevant work experience. It’s not worth mentioning being a newspaper peddler or an ice-cream seller. Add experience in similar positions.
  • Sort the experience from new to old. The employer should immediately see where you worked until recently. Perhaps he will contact your former manager.
  • Add an unpaid experience. Perhaps you replaced your friend at work or conducted a coffee cooking workshop. We recommend marking each event in notes or notepad.

Education section

Add the full name of the school, college, and university you graduated from. Add on-hand and graduation dates. Also, indicate your faculty and specialization.


Describe your hard, soft, and customer service skills. Here is a sample list:

  • Eight years as a barista
  • Master degree in restaurant management
  • Body fit
  • Customer-oriented
  • Punctuality and restraint
  • Great communication skills
  • Team player
  • Even picky shoppers will enjoy the skill
  • Organization and space management
  • Accounting and Finances

Critical elements in the skills section

If you have some impressive experience, put it in the first place. Next, add information about communication and teamwork skills. Then go on to organization skills, reporting, and menu drafting, if you have done this.

Courses, seminars, and conferences

Add information about the courses, lectures, and seminars that you attended. This will boost your barista resume. Furthermore, if you have many certificates, this can cover up your lack of experience. However, you must add the name of the training, the period, and its topic. Again, write down the full name, even if it takes several lines.

Indicate those pieces of training and seminars that you listened to as a student. A lot of universities invite leading experts to share their experiences. This may apply to both barista job description and customer service. Also, remember which online courses and webinars you have completed. It doesn’t matter if you have a certificate or not – write all the information about additional training.

Personal information

Be sure to add key information about yourself in the cover letter. Even if you send a barista resume by e-mail, this does not mean you will receive a response. Allocate a separate section for personal data. It consists of:

  • First and last name
  • The region, state, and city as well as the exact address of residence and the postal code
  • Mobile and home phone numbers
  • The email address you use to work
  • Your LinkedIn Account

This information will help the recruiter contact you to invite you to a job interview. As for LinkedIn, organize your profile so that it looks attractive. Add previous jobs, courses, and create contacts with your friends. It should not look like you created an account for the record.

Resume objective

The barista resume objective is an extremely important element. The fact is that barista is faced with difficult situations several times a day. You must be able to recognize the types of customers, help them with the choice, as well as prepare delicious coffee. People who come to the coffee shop want not only to drink coffee but also to spend time with pleasure.

You are not an espresso machine but a person who must communicate with each client and make their day a bit better. Sometimes you have to support a person or compliment them. This is even more important than the quality of the coffee. Sometimes customers return to the coffee shop just because of the friendly barista.

In the resume objective, you must indicate the goals and motivation that you are guided by. This should show how you can improve customer service or boost sales of the coffee shop.

The filling of your barista resume objective

With the barista resume objective, you must highlight strong suits and indicate motivation. For example, you want to increase sales of a coffee shop. Indicate multitasking and communication skills. Also, mention strong knowledge and experience at customer service. You must understand the desires of the client and be able to satisfy them.

Customer service

First of all, you should be able to serve customers and help them with a choice. This includes not only communication skills but also psychological techniques. If you have studied restaurant management, you should understand the psychology of customers. To put it another way, you should understand what type of client you are working with and how to close it. Understand at what point you should ask the client, help him with the choice, or offer add-ons.

It will also be a huge plus if you know how to increase an average bill. This is an extremely important skill for barista jobs.


You must make coffee, serve the next customer, and keep order in the coffee shop. Therefore, multitasking skill is very useful to you. A barista must work fast and keep a lot of information in mind. The specialty coffee and perfect food service do not replace organization skills.


Remember to write about responsibility in your cover letter. Except for making coffee, barista open and closes coffee shop, checks, and monitors inventory. You should be one hell of a responsible person. Be prepared that they will demand a lot from you. First of all, you must decide for yourself whether you can perform this work efficiently. If the answer is yes, start writing the barista resume sample.

Technical barista skills

There are several skills that every barista should have. Most often, this is assumed by default. However, you should devote a separate section of the barista resume to this. Here are those skills:

  • Making all sorts of coffee
  • Preparation of equipment before starting work
  • Latte art
  • Customer service
  • Table cleaning
  • Greeting visitors
  • Providing full information about the coffee shop
  • Making coffee with vegetable milk
Some extra barista duties

Be prepared to have dozens of responsibilities. At first, it will be difficult to keep them in mind, so we recommend writing a compendium. However, over time, you will learn to automatically perform the following points:

  • Support for appropriate temperature conditions
  • Regulation of air conditioning and fans
  • Scheduling and managing shifts
  • Checking the quality of incoming food and coffee
  • Assessment of the current state of equipment
  • Supply chain and cost control
  • Promotion of new menu items
  • Checking available meals
  • Training new employees
  • Conversion Rate of the coffee shop and composing recommendations
  • Financial accounting and documentation
  • Follow security in a cafe
  • Receive feedback, suggestions, and complaints from visitors
  • Keeping the space clean
  • Collecting recommendations regarding the menu

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