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When you choose to become an architect, you surely have great creative skills and an ability to perform any original project perfectly. Your resume can become your best-created project ever. With great writing skills and an ability to format your portfolio flawlessly, you will get all the chances to get your desired job position. It can be tricky to perform an excellent portfolio, but with our useful tips and guides, you will surely succeed.

A professionally written portfolio always includes a detailed description of every project conducted by an applicant. You should provide a proper CV to impress hiring managers. Your application must include your detailed experience, information about additional skills and design qualifications, an explanation of your role in different projects, etc. If you want to impress recruiters, make sure to include important details only. Reveal your strong desire to conduct different projects within a network and aesthetics flair.

Check the work position you are applying to once reaching hiring managers in the companies. Be aware that one recruiter prefers samples of your completed works when other senior company’s representatives check your education first. Every company is looking for the most suitable candidate. You can check various resume samples online for both beginner and senior architect to complete your perfect portfolio. Different jobs require different cover letters. Arch Daily specialists recommend young architects to provide an inspired cover letter. Your created CV must impress the company’s senior managers and top executives from the very first words.

What Do Companies Want to See in an Architect CV?

Many recruiters prefer checking previous job positions and different projects created in your architect resume. Moreover, an architecture resume is the exact resume that requires a detailed description and explanation of every created design project. Make sure to reveal your creative skills and a great experience. When looking position in a company, always make sure to provide a proper resume black white format with a filled job experience, education and experience sections. Be ready to provide the skill section as well.

How Does the Resume of a Graduate Architect Differ from the Resume of a Senior Architect?

The resume of a graduate architect greatly differs from the resume of a senior architect. The graduate architect’s resume covers education and skills sections mostly. A senior architect’s resume brings more information about job experience and various design projects created. You can check various resume examples online to check how to assure Claire CV designs.

What Are the Most Important Skills?

When writing an architecture resume, you should record the obtained skills and qualifications. First, you need to demonstrate that you are an excellent design specialist. Further, make sure to show that you have an aesthetics flair, together with graphic flair, thus you know how exactly a great project looks like. Once submitted a portfolio with an exceptional design, you automatically show unparalleled creative and design skills.

The hiring managers are always looking for specialists that can demonstrate design and communication skills. You must highlight your important skills. The recruiters prefer checking an explanation of different projects created and their exceptional details. Moreover, you have to show your teamwork skills. Numerous hiring managers tend to find specialists that can complete excellent company’s group projects.

Example of Soft Skills

  • Creativity;
  • Presentation Skills;
  • Public Speaking;
  • Communication Skills;
  • Writing Talents;
  • Active Listening;
  • Confidence;
  • Independence;
  • Persistence;

Examples of Hard Skills

  • Hand Drafting;
  • Sketching;
  • Microsoft Office;
  • ArcGIS;
  • SD Design;
  • Model Building;
  • Google Docs;
  • Auto CAD;
  • Web Development;
  • Windows OS.


Every architect’s resume must be creative. Thus, it must be started with eye-catching hook phrases to impress and intrigue the hiring managers. The information revealed in the introduction should outline your desire to obtain a job position. Include your personal information into an architect’s resume. You must intrigue your potential employer in this section with properly and inspiringly written phrases and important information revealed.

What to Include in an Architect Resume

An architecture resume must include your detailed experience, proven with samples and pictures submitted, skills section, list of previous job positions, and other important qualifications. Make sure to highlight your important created design projects once providing samples. Therefore, save the picture of every created design project.

How to Write the Architect Resume Summary Statement

The architecture resume summary statement is a brief explanation of your working experience and skills. Make this section brief and concise. Add only important information and reveal top projects on designs. Various resume samples can demonstrate in detail how to complete this piece.

How to Write the Architect Education Section

Many recruiters search for applicants with proper education, thus make sure to fill the architect education section properly. Write down your education, degree, and course details.

How to Write the Architect Work Experience Section

Write down your work experience in detail, outlining your role in different top architecture projects. You can also add freelance projects created within a network.

Action Verbs to Add in Your Architect Work Experience Section

Once writing an architect resume, make sure to add the following action verbs to your resume: created, planned, instructed, developed, monitored, prioritized, provided, communicated, calculated, observed, ensured, certified, etc.

How to Write the Architect Skills Section

Every architect must highlight personal talents and exceptional architecture skills. This section must reveal your architectural abilities, creative talents, problem-solving skills, and exceptional capabilities used in the creation of different construction projects.

Should I Add References in My Resume

You can add references to your architect’s resume to get your potential employer additional information on your architectural skills and teamwork abilities proven by your previous employers.

Fails in Architect Resume: Errors to Avoid

When writing an planner resume, be ready to provide an understandable portfolio. Save some project photos to use in a resume. Avoid complex concepts, incorrect words, and too broad lists of obtained work positions. Your resume must be short ad concise.

Job Prospects in the Architecture Industry

Arch Daily exposes a huge list of senior architect positions that can be obtained by applicants with perfect architecture resumes. Every talented architect can apply for the desired architect position.

Select the Best Architect Resume’s Format

You can select a format of your architecture resume based on your personal preferences. An architect resume should demonstrate design skills and creative talents, thus it must be performed perfectly and submitted with its exceptional design. It is better to submit a one- or two-page planner resume.

Perform a Resume Objective or Resume Summary

The hiring managers spend only a few seconds checking the architecture resume. Therefore, assure a strong and appealing resume objective. You must share your passion, provide an inspired and convincing resume summary to reveal your work experience and future career goals.

Describe Your Architect Experience

Define your impressive architectural experience. The hiring managers must get information on your architectural projects. You can impress your potential employer with demonstrated project management skills, work in known architectural firms, your senior architect responsibilities’ list on previous job positions, etc.

Make Your Education Section Noticeable

If you plan an architect resume and have no work experience, hiring managers can pay a lot of attention to your education section. Write down your degree, college name, and years in college. Check resume samples to submit a perfect resume.

Outline Your Skills on Architecture Resume

Your resume for architecture must include a list of exceptional skills that include writing, communication, management, and creative skills. Write them in bullet points to highlight the most important ones. Your hiring manager expects to see the detailed list of your architectural and construction skills.

Add Licenses and Certifications to Your Architect Resume

You can add licenses and certificates to your architect’s resume. You can list various architectural and construction courses, additional courses on project budgets, internships, and various completed tests that can be interesting for the company recruiters.

Add Additional Sections for a Great Resume

If you can picture a hiring manager’s desk, you can imagine how many architects send their black-white resumes every day. Therefore, you must demonstrate yourself skillfully. Add important and inspired speeches into your resume. Show how a great architect you can become once gaining a chance to work in the company. Show that you can be both a problem solver and a genius architect.

Architect Resume Sample “Additional” Sections

You can add information about various awards, exhibitions, conferences, publications, different projects, and membership in various professional associations in your submitted architect resume.


Write down information on architectural competitions you competed in. It will help you to impress a potential employer. It can be architectural and construction competitions, publication contests, or other extra projects.


Record details of the conferences with outlined subjects, time, and duration.


Record the titles of your publications, links, and publication dates.

Should You Have an Online Portfolio?

Nowadays, it is easy to create an online portfolio. You can save pictures of your projects and add them to your online portfolio. Further, it will be very easy to add the link to an online portfolio in your architectural resume.

Attach a Cover Letter to Your Architecture Resume

A cover letter can become an effective tool to influence your hiring manager. A good cover letter can allow an architecture student to get his first job position. If you want to appear as the best candidate for the position, make your resume likable.

Add Contact Info to Your Resume

Once adding contact information to your resume, you allow an employer to reach you quickly. Just make your architect resume attention-grabbing, informative, and creative, and hiring managers will surely reach you back.

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