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It goes without saying that employees with premium computer skills in nowadays market are paid much better. Therefore, developing computer skills is a must today.

Types of Certain Computer Skills

There are several levels and categories of computer skills proficiency. Assess your proficiency level, regarding the following skill categories.

Skills Categories

There are thirteen main categories of computer skills such as programming, databases, spreadsheets, multimedia, graphics, presentations, word processing, operating systems, hardware, email, Internet, mouse, and typing.

Levels of the Proficiency

Levels of proficiency might be assessed by the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) with a rating between A and H.

Fundamental Computer Skills Suppose

  • Icons recognition;
  • Operating the print function;
  • Creating, saving, and deleting documents;
  • Understanding menu bars;
  • Identifying basic computer

Basic Computer Skills Suppose

  • Understanding how to download data from the Internet;
  • Knowledge of how to cc and forward emails;
  • Creating basic presentations;
  • Formatting and creating simple spreadsheets;
  • Writing, modifying, and editing.

Intermediate Computer Skills Suppose

  • Conducting complex sorting;
  • Knowledge of how to utilize mp3, DVD, and CD;
  • Understanding how to insert videos and links into presentations;
  • Knowledge of how to insert tables and hyperlinks on word processing apps;
  • Understanding how to utilize memory cards and flash drives.

Advanced Computer Skills Suppose

  • Creating complex graphs and charts;
  • Completing advanced file transfers via email;
  • Integrating multimedia elements into presentations;
  • Understanding computer software and hardware components.

What Computer Skills Should You Mention on Your Resume?

Include those computer skills, depending on the type of position you are applying to and your background.

Step #1: Create a master list of computer skills

No matter how vivid it is, write every skill. However, don’t include the skill you feel uncomfortable with. Mention the level of the skill.

Step #2: Figure out the computer skills which are required for the job

Identify the computer skills that are required for a certain position. Use the same wording as in the job description to mention your skills.

Step #3: Match your master list with your computer skills required for a specific position

Don’t include the skills which are not mentioned in the job description.

Computer Skills That Hiring Managers Do Want In Resumes

Check out the list of top computer skills required for each position and category.

Basic Computer Skills

MS Excel, MS Word, Presentations, Electronic File Management, MS PowerPoint, Spreadsheets, Internet Research, Word Processing, MS Outlook, Graphic Editing, Emailing, and Typing.


A/V Setup, Screen Repair, Networking, Servers, Hardware Troubleshooting, and Cabling.


C++, Agile Development, HTML, Web Development, COBOL, .NET, JavaScript, Full-Stack Development, Python, CSS, Java, and Software Development.

Graphic Design and Word Processing

Art Design, CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, Adobe InDesign, Document Formatting, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, and Graphic Manipulation.

Spreadsheets and Databases

Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, MATLAB, Relational Databases, Excel Macros, Data Analytics, Statistics, SAP BI, and MS Excel.

IT Support

Password Resets, Tech Diagnostics, Systems Administration, Troubleshooting, Network Support, and Client-Server Management.


WordPress, MailChimp, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Facebook Ads, UI/UX Design, Social Media Marketing, Google Analytics, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing.

Productivity Software

Social Media Management, Cloud Backup Software, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Digital Calendars, Data Entry, Information Management, Email Management, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office.

Digital Marketing

KPI Software, Web Page Design, Search Engine Optimization, Website Analytics, Email Marketing, Digital Media, Automated Marketing Software, Cascading Style Sheets, and Content Management Systems.

Computer Programming

XML, Unix, UI/UX, PHP, Python, Open-source Software, Memory Management, Operating Systems, LabVIEW, Java, Integrated Development Environments, HTML, Hardware Description Language, C++, and Automation Software.

Graphic Design

Video Creation Software, InDesign, Desktop publishing, Design, Corel WordPerfect, CorelDRAW, Art Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Databases and Queries

XML Database Management Systems, NoSQL, SQL, Statistics, SPSS, Spark, SAS, Relational database management systems, Numeracy, MATLAB, HQL, Hive, Fortran, and Data Analytics.

IT Troubleshooting

Remote Access Software, Software Troubleshooting, Tech Support, Systems Administration, Router Troubleshooting, Modem Hardware Troubleshooting, Issue Tracking Systems, Installation, Installation.


Data Encryption, Information Management, Operating Systems, Risk Management, Software Programming, Malware Reversal, Malware Analysis, Virus Protection Software, and Intrusion Detection.

How to Describe Certain Computer Skills Levels

Make sure a list of computer skills is organized in bullet points. Know what computer skills to include with the help of job descriptions.

1. Operating systems (MacOS and Windows)

Learn the basics of each operating system. You may find them at your local library, however, you might learn at the job too.

2. Office suites (G Suite, Microsoft Office)

It is important to know how Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook operates as well as Google Docs. research the basic skills needed to utilize these programs.

3. Presentation software (Keynote, PowerPoint)

When you need to organize and present ideas, either externally or internally, you need presentation software skills. PowerPoint is the most useful program to help you.

4. Spreadsheets (Google Spreadsheets, Excel, etc.)

With them, you can organize the data quickly and make calculations. Also, you may use them for advanced data analysis. Practice these skills in online classes, if your employers need them.

5. Communication and some collaboration tools (Skype, Slack, etc.)

These tools are used to help productivity. They are popular among those businesses which telecommute. So check out whether your employer requires them.

6. Accounting software (Xero, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, etc.)

If you apply for positions in business sectors or finance, these skills are a must. They are essential if you are required to help manage accounts, financial information, and payments.

7. Social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

These skills are needed for positions in advertising, marketing, and public relations. Add these skills to your resume, if you are looking for a career in social media.

8. Data visualization

Data analysis is very important for businesses, therefore, data visualization skills are crucial.

9. Google Drive

The ability to create Google Sheets and Docs are important for some companies.

10. Email

Make sure you know how to send emails or scheduled messages if your employers require you to.

11. Database Management

Make sure you are aware of how to use MS Access to automate repeated data tasks.

12. Writing

Ensure you know how to operate MS Word, WordPress, SEO, Yoast, technical writing, research, ghostwriting, journalism,  and Google Sheets.

13. Graphical Skills

Make sure you can slay with InDesign and Photoshop.

14. Coding and Programming

If you are looking for a position of programmer or software engineer, make sure you include the skills of security, data analysis, coding, and web development to your resume.

15. Enterprise Systems

Make sure you master Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management in case the company uses it.

What Computer Skills Do You Require?

Check out the job description and jot down the computer skills you need to upgrade if you aren’t sure how to apply them correctly.

How to Upgrade Computer Skills

If you need to improve your computer skills, you may use online classes where you can learn and acquire many computer skills one on one.

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