Perfect Customer Service Resume Writing

Perfect Customer Service Resume Writing

Customer service job is very interesting, but at the same time, quite complex. If you think of getting this job you don’t really have to have higher education and work experience. The main characteristic of the candidate is the ability to interact with customers. Customer service expert should know the entire product or services range of the company and look for potential buyers of services and products.

To take up such an interesting position, you first need to develop an attractive resume.

You should be very attentive when writing your resume, pay attention to the words and expressions that characterize the position of the customer service specialist. You should add a business photo on a neutral background, where one can look at the face well, to your resume. Before submission, you should carefully check the document for errors, and also pay attention to your contact information so that a potential employee can easily contact you.

The resume of customer service manager has several sections, each of which must be filled with accurate and truthful information. Pay special attention to sections: Professional skills, Working experience and Certification, because the employer pays special attention thereto.

There are a lot of examples of customer service resumes online you may use as a template. However, to make you resume customized and unique you should know the steps and rules of writing it. In his article you will know how to compose a winning customer service resume.

Include Skills In Customer Service Resume

What are the skills an employer wants to see in their customer service representatives?

Sometimes it can be difficult to arrange all the skills you have. You can get the idea from job search websites like LinkedIn, etc.

There is one trick when you describe your skills – you should give an evaluation or a degree of your skills. For example: strong leadership skills, proficient user of Microsoft programs, etc.

Certainly, if you apply for this job you should have some hard skills that should be mentioned in your resume:

  • Proficient user of PC and programs;
  • Skills of processing incoming traffic calls, e-mail;
  • Knowledge of modern ways of communication.

Some of soft skills a customer service specialist should mention:

  • Knowledge of fundamentals marketing;
  • Knowledge of fundamentals marketing;
  • Ability to conduct business correspondence;
  • Knowledge of the basics of administration;
  • The ability to analyze the needs of potential customers;
  • Ability to develop and conduct presentations of goods and services;
  • Negotiation skills;
  • Knowledge of the basics of the psychology of relationships and business etiquette;
  • Ability to conduct market analysis, identify the target audience, monitor competitors;
  • Ability to process information and make quick decisions in unusual situations;
  • Ability to focus;
  • Ability to solve conflicts;
  • Ability adapt quickly.

Describe Your Customer Service Experience

Working experience is one of the most important parts of resume for customer service specialist because it shows what you have learnt and done as a professional.

When you write about your working experience it is best to structure the information for better perception. Begin with the most recent job you did and continue to the first one. Remember to include the name of the organization you worked in, dates and your responsibilities. If you have any recommendations from your previous employers you should mentions and even attach them to your resume.

It should be mentioned that resumes for those who have experience in this sphere and for those who don’t are a bit different. And it is natural, because the person who does not have any working experience as a customer service representative knows everything in theory, how things should be. Person with experience has already implemented their knowledge in practice, has probably been in difficult situations and knows the job from inside.

How to write a customer service expert resume with no experience?

Professional skills may seem to be the most difficult thing about writing the first-entry resume. However, it is not actually a problem because everyone has skills that fit this job. And you should mention it in your resume.

If you don’t know what to begin with, go to job websites and look for some vacancies that have a list of requirements. You will be surprised to find out that you possess all those qualities listed.

How to write a customer service expert resume with lots of experience?

If you have been working in this sphere for at least several years, you probably have a baggage of experience. In this case, your resume will differ a lot from the one of a freshman.

Your sections will be bigger and more sophisticated since they will be packed with a lot of information. It would be better if you make separate sections to speak about your awards, achievements, extra curriculum activities.

Remember that you should be proud of your achievements. If you have one outstanding professional achievement you can mention it two times in your resume: first, put it in the summary, and then give a broader description in the achievements section.

Always include statistics of numbers in your resume. For example, if you used to work via phone and serviced about 100 calls per day, you should indicate the number. This will give the potential employee an idea of how you worked with customers before.

Education And Certification Information

In any cases customer service specialist job would not require specific education. But it is definitely a huge advantage to have a relevant certificate. Indicate your school, years of studies and your degree.

If you have any certifications you should include them to the Education section in the special subsection called Certifications.

It is a very good idea to add certifications to your resume because this will show your potential employee that you improve your skills and study something new constantly.

Other Sections For An Effective Customer Service Resume

Your resume does not have to end with certification section. If you have something to speak about you should do it. Remember, not only your professional skills will be taken into account, but also personal qualities.

You can add section hobbies, sports, interests. If you write them in the right way they will complete your resume and make it eye-catching.