Professional Teacher Resume Writing

Professional Teacher Resume Writing

Job of a teacher has always been one of the most important and prestigious jobs ever. And, you can even say, this is not just a job, it is the voice of heart. Teachers, mentors, educators are needed in many places, however, to find a good job you need to be a professional. And you just have to be aware how to present yourself.

U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics expects the number of occupations in the spheres of education and training to increase by almost 700.00 new jobs by 2014. So, it means teachers, trainers, etc. will have more opportunities and, most likely, better working conditions. To able to get a good job now or in the future, every teacher has to have their resume completed perfectly.

Do you want to find or change job? But do not know where to start? A well-written resume can help you with this.

A resume is a brief description of your entire work history, from education to the day you start writing this resume.

To make a resume means presenting yourself before the employer in a favorable light. To make a resume correctly means to look more attractive than other candidates for the required position. This document can help you achieve your goals and get the desired job. That is why it is necessary to be very serious and attentive about writing your resume.

Steps for Writing Teachers Resume

Your resume will help the potential employer learn as much as possible about you, and schedule an interview if you fit.

When writing a resume, you should adequately assess your experience, professional qualities, and also extra curriculum activities. A resume is a kind of rehearsal before the interview, where you think about everything that may come in handy in advance.

Contact Information Section

The initial part of your resume is you contract information. You should include all the ways you can be reached. Keep in mind that the information should be updated. Double check it before you submit the resume.

Check the spelling of emails, nicknames and phone number to be sure everything is correct.

If you are using an old email address you created when you were at school, you better forget about it. You will be treated more serious and make a better impression if your email looks professional.

Write About Education

A very important part is your education. No need to write when you graduated from high school, this is not a professional education. Speaking about the end of higher education, be sure to specify the faculty, the full name of the specialty, the date of commencement and graduation. You should mention the subjects you studied, but only if it directly relates to the position you are applying for.

Be sure to include the courses you have taken, if they relate to the required position. Do not think that the potential employer will hire immediately after hearing the name of your school. In the modern world, it does not mean a lot.

The list of education institutions shall be listed from the earliest to the most recent one.

Include Relevant Teaching Experience

Another important part of your resume is your professional experience. Do not neglect it and treat it seriously.

Places of work should be indicated in reverse chronological order, starting with the last place of work (unlike the previous part).

Be sure to indicate the full name of the organization, and your position.

If you have any recommendations from your previous place of work, you should mention it too.

List Your Accomplishments

What makes your resume juice and more attractive is the accomplishments you have achieved during your teaching carrier. If you were promoted, appointed as the best employee, have any awards or anything else that has influenced your professional experience do not hesitate to talk about it.

For example, you may write that your professional activities helped students improved their knowledge and scores.

If you have numbers or statistics, you should include it next to each achievement to sound more grounded.

In general, the more positive you write about yourself, the higher your chance of getting the desired job.

Add Separate Certification Section

You can not work as a teacher if you don’t have relevant certificate. Certification section is used to list all the certificated you have obtained or are expecting to obtain.

Here you must include your professional teacher certificate as well as certification for any training or course you might have taken.

If you are expecting for your certification, indicate the anticipated date of its receipt.

Write Separate Skills Section

If you feel at lost of what to write in this section, you may browse job search websites for vacancies to see what teacher skills are most common.

First of all, any teach should have a professional set of skills relevant to their specialization. For example, a literature teacher and a math teacher have different special skills.

But, of course, there is a basic set of skills all teachers should have:

  • Hard skills (ability to work with PC, different programs, equipment)
  • Soft skills (some personal qualities as critical thinking, love to children, etc.)

Other Sections For A Teacher Resume

In this section you can write about your family status, hobbies, attitude to sport, availability for business trips, driver’s license, preferable working schedule, etc.

This section is also important because it can give your potential employee an idea about your as a person, of what you do in your free time, your interests, your desire to work.

Summary At A Teacher Resume

If you have written your resume several years ago you may be surprised to see this section. Yes, this is rather new and quite effective one, to be honest.

A potential employee may have a quick look at this section before reading the entire resume. It aims at presenting you as a professional who can do something for the employee, who can become an important part of education process of the organization.

This is a short paragraph consisting of just a couple of sentences. But every capacious and impressive sentences. It may contain the information you do not put into the main part of your resume, like your life philosophy or your personal goals.

You should definitely write a summary if you have many years of educational experience and you plan to continue on the same sphere.