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Almost every enterprise has a customer service, so they are in a constant search of a candidate on a cashier position.  Usually, this job doesn’t have high requirements, so even if you’re a school student, writing a competitive resume is rather easy. All you should do is to tell about your skills and prior experience in customer service. If you haven’t worked in a store, there’s still plenty of candidate info you can share by using a resume builder or downloading examples online.

What Companies Expect to See on a Cashier Resume

Here are the following skills employees are willing to find in a resume:

  • Years of prior work in sales;
  • Ability to calculate cash;
  • Soft skills to engage customers;
  • Total years of workforce performance;
  • How you maintained the workplace.

Every section is important but if you don’t have experience in either of the above – just emphasize your strong skills or highlight the main objective.

Contact Information to Include on a Resume for a Cashier

A cashier job no longer demands a personal address. Candidate info should include full name, city, and country, as well as email and link to a professional account like LinkedIn. Remember, your employee is not a monster and won’t require all the data about you!

Cashier Resume Summary

Resume summary for a cashier position should include a list of the skills and experience that can be most valuable for the position. For example, working in a stocking merchandising or being a retail cashier, quantity of years workforce in a store or navigation in complex software.

Achievements for a Cashier Resume

Achievements in a cashier resume should explain why you are an excellent candidate for a customer sales position. They include impressive workforce years, diplomas, rewards, and other accomplishments.

Cashier Resume Skills

Including cashier resume skills is a must, especially if you only have workforce months or no prior experience at all.

Hard Skills for a Cashier Resume

When sending a resume for a cashier job include the following hard skills:

  • Computer skills;
  • POS systems;
  • Memorization;
  • Accuracy;
  • Mathematical skills.

Soft Skills for a Cashier Resume

Soft skills in a cashier resume include:

  • Communication with customers and employers;
  • Attention to details;
  • Efficiency;
  • Punctuality;
  • Teamwork;
  • Multitasking.

Cashier Resume Writing Tips & Advice

Below you will find a list of tips on how to land an interview for a cashier job in customer service. Follow them and the employer will surely notice you!

1. Action Verbs for Cashiers

To render solid skills in a job resume don’t forget action verbs: they’ll show that you are a motivated candidate with aspirations and know what your resume objective is.

2. Writing a Career Objective

The cashier job resume should start with an explanation of why you want to work in sales and what makes you a great candidate. Give an example of previous jobs or service skills that would grab the attention of the hiring manager at once and will help you with landing a successful job.

3. The Education Section is important for entry-level candidates

The education section is a chance for an entry-level candidate to stay competitive. Show that you have a solid background, necessary skills and that absence of years workforce in a customer service won’t stop you from becoming a sales expert.

4. Skills for a Cashier

Your resume for customer service should include both professional and personal skills: high trainability, successfully completed programs, ability to work with customers, stress resistance, and mathematical skills. Remember, you can always view an example of a cashier resume and get additional info on what to add to your own resume.

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