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Writing a perfect resume is the responsibility of every applicant. Graduate students who want to get their first jobs must pay even more attention once performing a resume. It is very important to list the education unit properly in your CV. An education section must include detailed information on degree, college, and years of study. It also includes a detailed description of the learned courses.

You must put education into this section’s resume outlining a studied field of study. Moreover, this section resume covers study ratings. There are certain requirements to follow when listing high school and college education. Every student must prepare this part of the resume according to job requirements. Fill the information your potential employer may need to select your application among other job applications. You can add additional info, including awards and honors in your cover letter.

Information to Include in Your Resume Education Section

Every graduate student must prepare an excellent resume. If you have just graduated from high school or college, your education info can be the only section resume you can complete easily. Without a job experience, this section becomes the most important in your resume. Be ready to complete the education section properly.

What Employers Look for in The Education Section of Your Resume

When you have no previous work experience, this section becomes the most important section for your employer. This section must include vital information. Every job offer has its requirements, thus you should check them first before completing an education section. Even high school students must reveal personal professional development. Therefore, add all relevant information, including awards, honors, coursework, and extracurricular activities. Students or recent graduates should focus on academic achievements when performing a professional resume.

How to List Completed Education (With Examples)

If you are a recent graduate, you must put the education section before your work experience. This will be the most important piece of your curriculum vitae. You can include honors, awards, attendance dates, and GPA into this section.

Recent Graduate Template:

University of Chicago, 2012-2016

Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Certificate of Business Essentials 

Diploma with Honors

If you are an experienced professional, you should focus on your work experience and previous job positions. You must reveal relevant professional development. You can include details of your education, attendance date, and GPA.

Experienced Professional Template:

Manderson Graduate School of Business – The University of Alabama

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

How to List Incomplete or in Progress Education (With Examples)

When you need to list incomplete or continuing tuition, write down your contact information, name of institution, type of degree, the field of study, and intended graduation date. If you have any academic achievements, relevant coursework, or a high GPA, include it in your resume. You can also list various extracurricular activities.

Education On a Resume—List of Information to Include

To be hired by a good company, make sure to prepare an excellent resume where including the following information:

  • Name of your school;
  • Your school’ location;
  • Your obtained degree;
  • Your field of study;
  • Graduation date;
  • Your GPA;
  • Any awards, honors, coursework, activities, etc.

Depending on different job requirements, the education section can include various elements. Mostly, this is the shortest section in entire curriculum vitae.

What Should Go First in A Resume, Education or Experience?

Every section of your resume matters. Still, if you are a recently graduated student, make an education section first in your resume. Put education on the first positions and focus on your awards honors, personal academic achievements, and relevant activities.

How to Write an Education Summary On a Resume?

Every graduate student must perform an education resume. Once preparing an education summary, be ready to perform an education section with your degrees and relevant academic achievements revealed. You can add this information to the cover letter as well.

Want to Save Time?

If you want to save your time and get a completed education resume, you can check various online writing services. Indeed, it can help you to perform excellent curriculum vitae. Check additional information online or in Google search.

1. How to List High School Education On a Resume?

If you have no college education or work experience, simply write down your high school education. You can also add extra curriculum activities, awards, honors, or any work-related experience. You must adapt your resume to the job description.

License or Certificate in Addition to High School

If you have any license or certificate in addition to high school, make sure to list it in vitae CV.

Didn’t Graduate High School

You must include complete information on your education in your resume, even if you have unfinished education. You should list all the courses attended and unfinished education info.

No High School, Completed A GED

Write down information about your completed GED in your resume education section.

Still in High School

You can list your extra curriculum activities and work experience (if any) into an education section. List your academic accomplishments, personal awards, and other relevant activities.


Cherryville High School – Cherryville, NC

2. How to List Education On a Resume with No Degree? (Student / Dropout)

You need to list all the courses attended, tests passed, and an unfinished education.

Never Finished Your Degree

In order to fill your employment gaps, write down information on your unfinished degree. You can also add any additional work experience and academic achievements.

Student / Leave of Absence

List your high school education and the current college education duration, intended graduate date, and field of study.

3. How to List Education On a Resume as A Fresh Graduate?

If you are a fresh candidate, there is no need to deal with the work experience section. Focus on your education and reveal your degree, graduation date, the field of study, academic achievements, honors, and awards. Use various online examples to complete an excellent resume with the perfect education section.

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