How To Write Resume for Google Internship?
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How To Write Resume for Google Internship?

In 20 years since it was launched, Google went from being a tiny startup into one of the most powerful and richest companies in the world. Google is the name behind many of the innovations we’re using in our everyday life, and many believe that Google is the future of the IT industry. This kind of popularity is well-known not only to tech fans, but also to those who dream of working there.

Google is one of the most coveted companies to work for, but it’s notoriously hard to get into. Luckily, there is an opportunity to maximize your chances of becoming a Google employee, and that’s a Google internship. Getting an internship at Google is no easy fit either, because there may be thousands of applicants competing with you for the same position. In this situation, a resume is your first and often only chance to impress the people responsible for choosing interns. Today you will learn how to create a resume for internship in Google that is almost guaranteed to land you the job.

Google Internship Resume Tips

It’s been said over and over that an average recruiter spends just 7 seconds looking at an applicant’s resume, and there is no reason why that time should be different for Google, considering how swamped in internship applications they must be. That is why your job is to make your resume brief but impressive.

First of all, remember that the ideal length of a Google internship resume is one page – the HR manager likely won’t give your resume a closer look if there is more than one page to read. To keep the resume concise and on-point, remove some of the less important resume parts – for example, the objective. There is no point in stating that you want to intern at Google and waste valuable resume space – your application is the only indication of your desire to become a Google intern they need. Another thing to get rid of in your resume is a photo, in case you still have it. Plus, there is no need to include any references – if they are necessary, the recruiter will ask for the specifically.

What you do want to include in your resume is a description of your experiences, qualifications, and skills that make you the strongest candidate. You can’t just send out the same resume you’d send to any other company – your application must be specifically tailored for Google’s needs. To find out what they are looking in prospective interns, simply go and read their job posting several times. Scan the text visually for keywords and make sure to include as many of those keywords into your resume, as long as they look organic and align with your personal skills and experiences. That way, whether your resume will be checked by a person or by software, it will definitely stand out.

When writing a resume for Google, make sure not to focus only on your education and official work experience, particularly if there isn’t much official experience to begin with. Google must know that you’re an active, well-rounded person with plenty of interests and aspirations outside of the classroom or office. Any past internships, side projects, and times you’ve been a volunteer somewhere need to be clearly pointed out in your resume.

Google recruiters love it when applicants are very specific about their past achievements. Instead of simply stating that you were great at your last job, specify what exactly you managed to accomplish. Any facts, statistics, and numbers achieved by you personally will add major points to your resume. Don’t forget to mention the size of the team you worked in or that you worked on your own.

The resume format for Google internship isn’t that different from a regular resume you’d send elsewhere. Put the most important parts of your resume, like a list of your skills and work experience, closer to the top to be completely visible, and leave the rest of the information for the lower part of the resume, where the HR manager will easily find them if they want to know more about you.

Resume Remarks from Google’s Head of HR

One of Google’s former HR executives, who had personally looked through over 20,000 resumes during his time at Google, pointed out 5 most common mistakes internship applicants often make in their resumes.

  1. Typos are among the worst things that can be found on your resume. If you’re not sure in your proofreading skills or have simply lost concentration due to working on the resume for too long, ask someone to proofread it for you.
  2. Making your resume longer than 1 page demonstrates your inability to sort through the information and find the most important things to write about.
  3. Only artists and designers can play with resume formats, and even they should be extra careful to keep the resume perfectly clear and readable; other applicants should stick to the traditional resume format.
  4. Don’t share any confidential information that you wouldn’t want anyone else to know, especially if you’ve worked for an employer who values privacy above all.
  5. Lying on a resume, whether it’s about minor or major facts, is the worst possible strategy for a resume: the truth will always come out and you risk not only losing the chance to intern, but also damaging your chances of getting hired by other companies.


In order to do a great job with your Google internship resume, think of it as your first opportunity to grab the attention of your potential employer and make yourself known in the professional world. However, it would be a mistake to view even the most brilliant resume as your ticket to a Google internship. Becoming an intern for Google is a complex process, and while a winning resume significantly improves your chances of getting notices, there are also other stages, like the interview, where you also need to do your best to get what you want.

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