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If you decide to become an elementary school teacher, it is extremely important to create a strong resume. You are going to teach children, so you must show your abilities. The elementary school teacher nurtures children, helps to find the right approach to learning. And if you do not know how to present yourself with the help of paper, you cannot teach this to children.

An elementary school teacher resume should describe your experiences with children and personal accomplishments. You must describe what skills you use in elementary teacher performance and how it helps children. However, it is hard to create a powerful paper from scratch if you have no landmarks or guidelines. Fortunately, we have prepared a complete elementary teacher resume writing guide. Also, you will find tips for improving the paper in this article. This way, you will be one step closer to a dream job!

Advice on how to create an exceptional elementary teacher resume

When creating an elementary school teacher resume, people make many stupid mistakes. Some of them do not attract attention, but others may cost you a job. Oddly enough, but most mistakes in writing a resume can be avoided with careful planning. It is great to be aware of typical mistakes so as not to repeat them. Therefore, we have prepared a list of useful tips:

  • Plan your paper carefully. Divide the resume into parts and determine how much space you will devote to each element. Write an outline to record key elements of the paper.
  • Be restrained. Omit the emotions and be unemotional. Describe your elementary teacher work experience, education, participation in volunteer projects. Make all items approximately equal in volume.
  • Tell them about your benefits. No, you don’t need to create a separate “My Benefits” category. Try to unobtrusively mention your strong suits. Evenly include it in the text.
  • Be prepared. Learn about the traditions and characteristics of the school in which you want to work. It will help you understand what elementary teacher it is looking for. Browse through the Internet to find information about its headteacher and administration.

Education and certifications

Start with professional skills. The main document that attests to your knowledge is a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Important note: write the full name of the university, faculty, and specialization. This not only helps to find an educational institution but also sounds much cooler than the abbreviation.

Record all the certifications that you have. Add information about the place and time when you attended the courses or advanced training. Arrange the certificates in order of novelty, from oldest to newest. This will provide an opportunity to take a picture of your activity. If you have gaps in resume, tell us what you did during those periods.

Tie everything together with a powerful resume objective

Motivation is the most powerful element of your CV. The purpose of the resume is to show yourself as a suitable candidate for the position of an elementary school teacher. Each sentence, paragraph, or section of the resume should bring you closer to the result. Imagine you are writing an essay. You have a thesis statement, and you strengthen it with arguments. Try to do the same with an elementary teacher resume.

Use strong, active verbs to describe your accomplishments and teaching skills

Forget the words good, nice, best, and top. They are suitable for everyday speech or online publications, but not for resumes. Use powerful, persuasive words and phrases to talk about your skills and achievements. This will enhance the impression and allow the manager to remember you. When reading information about accomplishments, a person does not focus on a way you write it. However, active verbs allow it to remember the lines and your resume.

Add key elementary teacher resume skills and abilities

Professional skills determine how well you fit into the position. Therefore, post a list of abilities immediately after education and experience.

Text sequence in elementary teacher resume

The paper structure helps engage the reader. Imagine you are creating lesson plans. Therefore, the correct sequence is critical when writing a resume. In marketing, this is called a sales funnel. But the resume also sells you as an employee, doesn’t it?

Resume objective

So what is the purpose of your resume? You are a teaching professional, and you want to get an elementary school teacher. Add the purposes at the beginning of the resume. You need to write a vacancy you want to take in the company.


Add education information. Start with school, indicate college, then university. Add a bachelor’s, master’s diploma, and indicate the degree, if any.

Professional experience

Write down all the companies in which you worked and indicate the positions. Put it in order from the last company to the very first. What duties did you fulfill? What benefits have you brought to the company?

Key skills

Specify your teaching professional skills. Here are the common ones:

  • Composing lesson plans
  • Classroom management between lessons
  • Preparing students to deal with tests
  • Creating a comfortable environment to cause abilities’ growth
  • Using another approach to each child
  • Supplying students with safety regulations
  • Evaluating additional students’ activities


Indicate the courses taken and the certificates received. Add volunteering and blogging information. Again, sort the certificates from the newest. Indicate the place and time of receipt of the certificate, as well as the topic that you studied.

An example of elementary teacher resume outline

Therefore, you know how to create a resume to become an elementary school teacher. However, you need a teacher resume sample to consolidate knowledge. We created an outline with the necessary structure of the teacher resume template.

  • Provide personal information. This includes name, address, telephone, and email. You can also add a link to your profile on LinkedIn.
  • Briefly describe yourself as a candidate. Indicate your main skills and abilities.
  • Specify professional experience. It defines your level of teaching professionals.
  • Add education. Indicate the full name of educational institutions, as well as the period of study.
  • Skills and abilities. In addition to common ones, like classroom management, add unique skills. So you show your advantage over other candidates.
  • Certifications.

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