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Hours of tailoring your resume and seeking for the right opening are over. You have got the desired invitation for the job interview and you are happy. After it you happy even more as it seems like you have done everything right and your conversation with a recruiter was fine. And you satisfied to go home and wait for the final decision. This is exactly the right time to send a thank-you letter to the company. This article will cover the main points about its importance and a creating process.

Why you should send a thank-you note in this case?

First of all, it is a common courtesy to say thank you to the people who have paid their time to your persona. You should show that you appreciate the interest in your resume and application. Secondly, this is an opportunity to show your interpersonal skills. The recruiter may also conclude that if you decided to send this letter you are really interested in the opening and really want to show your interest. This also signals that you know the elements of the business etiquette. In most cases sending the letter after an interview is considered as important as not chewing gum or being on time for the meeting.

What to include in your letter?

Let’s move to the part where we disclose the basic structure of the thank-you letter. Here’re the main things you should include in your letter:

  • salutation – despite the format of the interview (formal or informal) you should follow the formal structure in your letter;
  • an expression of appreciation – write a sincere description of what you value the most considering the interview;
  • a reminder of some unique info – you probably have spoken about some specific aspects of your experience or maybe discuss what you have in common, so mention this;
  • confirmation that you a perfect match for the position – show your interest;
  • closing with additional expression of appreciation.

But keep in mind that your letter should not entirely copy your resume. You have already sent one and your interview was for revealing more details. Simple summarizing can be appropriate in this case though

Tips for making thank you letter great

Here are some additional recommendations that will help you creating your thank-you letter

  • Say thank you. It may sound obvious, but in fact, some candidates forget to write these words. You can use synonyms, of course. But the simplest way to show your appreciation is to write “thank you”, that will be understandable for everyone.
  • Be sincere. Do not use too formal words but make your letter a bit personal. You are planning to work with people and you have to start building relationships.
  • Be attentive. Mention in a letter some info that you found out during the interview. Make some research as well and add those facts as well. This will show that you care about the company and want to know more about it.
  • Be enthusiastic. You have more chances to be hired if you show how excited you are about working in the company.
  • Share something new. Despite we have told you not to turn the thank-you letter into the resume duplicate, you still can tell more about yourself here, but only if it is relevant to the general content and moon of the letter.
  • Exclude contextual, spelling and grammar mistakes. This is another obvious but often overlooked aspect. Do not spoil the impression of you with inaccurate spelling or wrong information.

Thank-You Letter Samples

The thank-you letter is a type of writing that has pretty free structure. But you still should follow the basic requirements. We have prepared an example of this letter that can also serve as a template. But we strongly advise you to come up with your own letter in order not to sound too typical.

Hello, Mr. Smith (or you can use the first name if appropriate)

I just wanted to have a minute of your time to express my appreciation of your interest in my application. What an interesting interview we had on Friday. I enjoyed our conversation about the future of online marketing and I am glad that I now have a deeper insight into the company orientation considering this field.

The opening I apply for seems like a great opportunity for me to use my experience for a better cause.

Thank you for your time and understanding at the moment I was nervous.

Best regards,

Billy Jack

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